On 2016

Many times in the last year, I stayed up long nights typing stories. Pages were filled with ideas and ripped sheets with stories that were stapled to folders. I even ignored my lecturers and pored over plots and characters from several stories. In all that time, I wrote with the aim to produce something amazingly good, something that would win me a Hugo award (You know, I love that Spec-Fic Life, even though I try so hard to be a “Literary” writer).

You know what I achieved in the one million hours I wrote? Zilch published tales; stories that now sit in my mail box gathering dust. Ones that I killed off the characters for lack of what to do with them.

Last year, when I got into the Erasmus Journalism program; I wrote about that here. It was an amazing experience–for those that wanted to do something with Journalism. Everyday I was there, I asked myself why I was filling a spot that someone else could have taken. It was horrible. I was tired and unhappy and just wanted to go home. It showed in my enthusiasm to write and be friendly. I ate a lot: whole bags of chips and sausages and when I got back to Nigeria, I heard a million and one tales about how my skin glowed and how healthy (not thin) I was. Nonsense. I was just happy to be home.

I didn’t return to the program after the summer break, for reasons best left private and now, I can actually say I’m happier. I want to write. I spend hours reading fiction (Something I formerly exchanged for hours of YouTube streaming. Cursed app.) I’m trying to better myself as a writer and I have applied for another Master’s program; one that interests me.

I do not know what this year brings, but I can sincerely say that I’m grateful for 2016. I’m grateful for life, for the gift of change and for choice. This year is going to be amazing, I can feel it deep in my bones. It is one of those years where a gate that’s never been there opens. So, lift your cups, mugs and glasses with me, to new possibilities and new heights. To a new year with published stories.



One thought on “On 2016

  1. Do you know how much courage it takes, just to admit to oneself that the path one might be on, mightn’t be right? And do you know how much strength it takes to DO something about it? I hope you are proud of yourself because I sure am!

    Good luck with the writing. Ink deep.


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