It’s a new year, now I shall dance.

Happy New Year everyone! I know, this has to be the latest happy new year greeting ever. I am afraid I would have to apologize a million times for not putting up any posts in a while. Exams and taking out time to sleep think are the excuses I have for being away. Thank you for reading and helping me believe I am not crazy and writing for ghosts.

Now, over the three years I have watered down the more stereotypical tradition of making resolutions. It now comes in things I should believe in like;  love more, trust more, be generous, believe in yourself and in others instead of:

a. Read a book every week.

b. Remember to eat breakfast this year.

However, I have decided to keep one of the more nonsensical resolutions and I can promise y’all that latest July this year, you will finally see me dance. I see a million people who just whoop whooped. Lol.  I have decided my unofficial resolution for this year is to learn this dance  by the Amazing Ezinne Asinugo. I used to be a pretty terrific dancer (NOT) when I was younger but now, my bones are old and creaky.

One sunny day this year, expect a video from me doing that exact  dance. I love you guys. Have an amazing year and a wonderful time leading up to when you get a terrible dance video from me. You will laugh like crazy. I promise. You might feel sorry for me as I am rushed off to the hospital after trying to execute one of her famous splits. Or maybe you will gawk and then ask me for that date you have always had at the back of your mind. Tee heee. 🙂

I must admit, this is an attempt to get my lazy self to exercise.


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