Spice and everything nice.

I want apologize to Szilard, the sexy Hungarian from my class, for not showing up for his Gulyas cook-fest.  I have no excuse other than the fact that i found a substitute for Indomie, popular Nigerian noodles, and some real red pepper (not the fake stuff we have here). I couldn’t resist cooking it and having a prawn and properly spiced noodle fest.

Yes Hungarians, I know you think i'm crazy for missing Goulash for this.

Hungarian: What?! You Nigerian troll, you missed Gulyas for this crap?!

My tummy is filled and i do not feel like puking after eating for the first time in weeks. Pepper makes the world go round you see…

Err, can i also say i finally found earphones that matched my phone and i couldn’t resist staying home to listen to Alsina’s “***nstar”, Drake and Frank Ocean. Plus i was pretty fagged out after hearing about third world countries all day.

Dohhh! Who cares if Nigeria is a third world country. I just want some donuts!

Dohhh! Who cares if Nigeria is a third world country? Pass the donuts and Indomie!

I promise, i will attend your next cook-fest and probably help with the cooking.




Hey, so I want to hear what you think of this little piece. Do comment!

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