Staring at the Teaching Assistant.

The days of getting lost in Aarhus are over. Over 50% of the class got on buses going in the opposite direction. We have triumphed over the bus route and now…. now we get down to business. Classes, books and beer for some.


I usually enjoy reading. I mean, research is fun!. However, the past few days have caused me to hate it. I have read and seen so much of political and economic terms, that i wonder, “Am i studying journalism or political science?”. I mean, if i hear the word “Globalization” one more time, I will attack someone and get deported. Probably.

I hate not having anything to say. I mean, i could win a chatter box award if i put my mind to it and i’m in the right company. Group discussions have people talking and elaborating and showing off their knowledge. And i’m mute!. Freaking mute!

Its unsettling, this realization that i know so much about creative stuff and nothing about economic or political stuff. For God’s sake, I live, breath, sleep wikipedia now. And no, that’s not a good thing!

And that's what happens when i decide to read. Reading is bad y'all!

And that’s what happens when i decide to read. Reading is bad y’all!

I refuse to be that girl who doesn’t know jack!

I hate being ignorant. Really hate it. Although on the bright side, there are a couple of people who are as clueless as i am. And yes, those are the extremely creative people in the group.

So there! We could just form ” The clueless group”. We’ll probably win awards for other stuff too. Like “Best beer chugger” or “Novelist of the year”.

*Blows raspberries at the smarty pants*


Hey, so I want to hear what you think of this little piece. Do comment!

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