Arriving Denmark

These events were written down on a piece of old tissue. Discovered it before i chucked said writing pad out. They happened a while back.


So i staggered into Copenhagen on the 31st of August, 2014. The weather was reasonably warm and i chuckled to myself. “What was all the fuss about it being chilly?”. With a little swag, I went to the transit flight area and waited for the next flight. It was a long wait. All 3 hours of it. I sat by a hangout called “Joe and the Juice”, I think. They kept playing this one song, i thought i’d die if i heard it one more time. Unfortunately, after calming down, I downloaded it and play it everyday now. Its Zhu’s ” FADED”. He might be a Danish artist. I don’t know. Don’t care. All their songs sound techno-ish and this does too.

The minature plane that took me to Aarhus roused my claustrophobic and aerophobia nature. So no! It was not a fun journey. It was freezing at Aarhus and I’ll say a huge thanks to Christina, our guide, who waited for me in the freezing cold and helped me get a cab.

Today is Saturday. Six days after. I’ve met the classmates and I love them now. (Emphasis on now). I hope I will not have any cause to speak any evil about them because i know they’ll eventually find this blog and hate me collectively.

I’m just recovering from a full blown sick fest and i hope I’ll be able to attend one of the millions of parties being thrown regularly here. It’s no wonder the students always claim to be broke. So now i’m gonna go to the store near me and get some cookies and cola to drink and think of what next to write, carefully choosing what i rant about least i get deported.


Hey, so I want to hear what you think of this little piece. Do comment!

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