Aarhus, Denmark.

I wrote a story months ago about how i had been chosen for the Erasmus Mundus masters in Journalism program. I wasn’t sure i could go then and never talked about it again. Reality finally dawned on me as i got on the plane. I was leaving.

I arrived last week Sunday and promptly found out my luggage was missing. I won’t blame the airlines though, i had a lot of transfers. The first piece of luggage came in on Tuesday and the second yesterday (Friday). I was surprised they offered to deliver it to me and the driver chilled while i wasted his time and finally didn’t show up. Stuff that should start happening in Nigeria. Ohh and the airport staff at Royal Air Maroc, Murtala Muhammed Airport should all be jailed for bribery and verbal assault.

I’ve met my classmates, a couple i can remember. The guy who stares and who i feel is stalking admiring me. The Asians who look all alike, apart from Sokunthea who i can tell apart because of her haircut. The guys who are cute. The danish well…danish looking, blond, big and danish. The Africans are African and great as usual. Also, I’ve had my first bout of illness. Malaria! Everyone i talk to from home says i shouldn’t let them think i have Ebola. As if!.

Back in Nigeria, I could spend weeks not eating any local meal. Now all i want is soup. I bought some oriental noodles some days ago, started eating and saying “Yum, this tastes really great but i can’t figure out whats missing”. After eating it, i realized it had no pepper. I started feeling nauseous and then i fell sick. So yes, i blame the pepperless meal for my illness. I’ve spent all day online looking for an african Nigerian restaurant in Aarhus. I think if i go one more week without eating some local meal, it won’t be just malaria affecting me. I’ve decided i hate the smell of coffee. Also, i never want to look at another one of their sandwiches with scary looking veggies sticking out of it. Yeah and i have a huge bag of barbecue flavored chips which i can’t throw out because that would just be wasteful. Its sooooo huge and when buying it i was ill and forgot i hate potatoes and can only eat it in Pringles form. So if you want it, I can give it to you if you’re nearby.

I’ll try to keep you informed of whats happening. I’ll try to take pictures so you could see sexy me Aarhus. Two good things Aarhus has going for it? The bus arrangements are pretty cool. Its hard to get lost. Also, the people have an awesome dress sense.




Hey, so I want to hear what you think of this little piece. Do comment!

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