Like Bella

The world is crazy.

Heck, I’m crazy!


I’ve fallen in love with crazy, power seeking women.

Women like Bellatrix Lestrange , Eva Braun, Lady Macbeth.

There’s a certain glint in their eyes, a certain” Je ne se quoi” about them which draws me.

There’s that bravado, that wonder, that lightning that strikes when they laugh.

That  laugh that precedes great evil.

I’ve fallen in love with those sorts.


I’m certain they all had a certain femininity to them.

That innocent allure which speaks of being gentle, a dove.

Once, I’m sure that existed.

Once. A long time ago.


Soon, it will be said of me, “She once had that innocent allure”.

Then i’ll whip out my wand and blast to smithereens and i’ll smile and men will fall dead.

I’ve decided to pave my path the crazy, evil way.

The narrow path i wont tread.




Hey, so I want to hear what you think of this little piece. Do comment!

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