Heartbeat county

Years ago, I asked my mum why she married my dad. You know what she said?
“He is a good man.”

I looked at her and asked if that was all. She said no, but that was the most important thing.

It beat my imagination that she could give such a reason for marrying him. I was young and bright eyed, burning with the need for storybook romances. Never realizing that love is not always enough.

Love has built whole empires, caused wars and ended in happily-ever-afters for some. It is wonderful and is what anyone in a great relationship should hope for. However, when people love, they fail to realise they need humility, mutual respect, understanding, trust and friendship to make it work perfectly. So they love and love blindly.

I’ve learnt kicking and screaming, that the good kind of love is the wise, well aged kind. The kind, patient, gentle kind. The kind found only in you. With you.

Its been a while since that day when I walked away from mum. I’m afraid if our children ask why I married you, they’d get the same answer. “He is a good man”. My mum would look at me then, she’d smile and know that I understood. I’d finally come of age.

The ancients say, “Marry your friend, find peace”

I hope I do.


Hey, so I want to hear what you think of this little piece. Do comment!

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