Reporting live from Sewing school.

1.Sewing: Going “excellently” well.
2.Friendships: Shaky.
3.I.Q: Going downhill.

Peddaling the machine and creating my masterpiece (also known as an Ankara skirt and blouse…*smirk*) is going remarkably well. I mean, I could do this all day. Or not.

It’s all ooohs and ahhhs when I’m working but when that’s done, I sit idly and listen to the conversations being held. I probe, listening hard for an inkling of purpose in those talks. Its all “I’m going for a burial (which they seem to go for more than birthdays or christenings), I’ll sew Oleku for this. This is not the problem however. The problem is the lack of stimulating conversations (didn’t I just mention that?) and the way the sentences in these convos are constructed.

There are different sets of people here. The two main sets are people:
a). who felt their way around school – or didn’t- and decided, “f*** it, sewing is it”.
b). who are still schooling, hope to get a degree and maybe move on to other professions. The later group is the reason for this post.

Yesterday, one of them made a sentence which I cannot recreate even in a drunk state. I stayed still for some seconds and after struggling with my self and loosing, I asked : “Did you say that purposely?”. She seemed perplexed and I repeated the sentence  to her. She thought for some seconds, repeated the last three words and said “is mistake”.

I went numb. The whole sentence was ridden with errors and she picked out the last three words?. This is a secondary school graduate, re-writing writing JAMB in some months. And It’s not just her, its most of them here. I almost miss working in an office. The conversations were intellectually  stimulating, mostly filled with ribald jokes, witty stories and talks of pizza and Friday night lights.

All of a sudden, the failure figures presented yearly by exam bodies (WAEC, NECO) made sense. I excused myself and took a long sad walk on behalf of this country.


Hey, so I want to hear what you think of this little piece. Do comment!

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