I’m a Mundusian

I never told you guys this, but I got accepted into the Erasmus Mundus Journalism program. One of the ninety chosen from around the world.

Yayyy! ! .

Nayyy! !

I applied for a scholarship but didn’t get it got in as a self funding scholar. There’s just one Itsy, bitsy thing. I don’t have the cash for this. See, this is why I applied for a scholarship.

My parents asked me to accept the offer. I did. The letters have been coming in; admission to University of Aarhus in Denmark, admission to Swansea University, Wales. I could almost wail. I see what I did there.

Now the fee invoice is sitting in my mail box. I should send a postcard with a Cheshire cat smile saying “Money is going to rain now, isn’t it?” to my parents but i won’t. Postcards don’t do much these days. I also wouldn’t want to jinx this.

I’m trying to get a Grant from the Ebonyi state government (where I’m from) for this. It’ll work. Hopefully. If it doesn’t, I’ll keep believing or I’ll declare I’m a Lagosian and ask for a grant from them or someone will give me the money for free.

It’s still a long way till May 3rd when I’m expected to pay the first installment. Something awesome is bound to happen. I can feel it in my bones. Call me a miracle waiting to happen.

I’m special you see…


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