Drew Holcomb and the wailers

I have had a lot of time since I left my job. I’ve needed to do a whole lot of soul searching, a whole lot of digging.

In this time, I’ve started reading again; an old passion rekindled. I’ve started living, loving, learning. I stumbled on a series, Parenthood, and started watching it; more out of boredom than anything at first.¬†

Parenthood turned out to be amazing and towards the end of one of the episodes, I heard a certain song which I’d love to share with you. Its called Live forever by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbours and I cried the first few times I listened to it and still do.

It reminds me of snuggling in bed during a storm.
Of smiles, waltzes.
Of good byes and trust.

It speaks of the first kiss,
Of tears and courage,
Of flowers, chocolate and latte.

It talks of Christmases,
Of first days, of stolen moments.
Of living, loving and learning.

It makes me never want to stop believing.
To see life in 3D,
To always keep my head high.
Because dreams will always come true.

Click here to download “Live forever”.

Click for lyrics to “Live forever”


Hey, so I want to hear what you think of this little piece. Do comment!

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