As usual, I’m in the last bus home. Only chick in the bus, last human at the park where we stop.

The road is lonely. Cold.

I actually like this. The quiet, dark eerie night. I like shadows. I love the freezing wind. As long as I’m not surrounded by trees or in an enclosed area, the darkness is my fortress.

I look around. The whole place is deserted and i’m kind of hungry. Nay. Scratch that. I’m terribly hungry. I smell something inviting. The aroma ….so freaking intense. Its something I have never smelt. I can hear several dogs barking behind fences like they’re mad.

I walk leisurely. Almost like I’m at the park. My mind at ease, skin tingling, tackling the million portholes and smelly gutters on the street before mine, i’m happy because I’ll definitely get some fufu and oha at home.

The street lamps are off and the moonlight is not helping issues. Its glow isn’t the best today. Something weird’s happening with it. It is blood red. Maybe the men on the moon decided to eat all the cheese and fell out with themselves when it was being shared.

A little laugh escapes my lips as I imagine little stick men spearing themselves. Its about time a movie about men on the moon was made.

My house is on the next street. Negotiating the corner, my phone rings.

“What?!!!”, I yell.
“I’m almost home”.
My parents can be pretty annoying.

I smell it again. Like meat and fried chicken. Its very…. arousing. Its weird that I’m having sexual thoughts about food. “Pretty weird”, I mutter.

My tummy growls. I’m starting to feel uncomfortable. Sorta like I need to take of my clothes. I should really get some food ASAP.

My dad is standing by the gate. Its bright enough that I can see he is tying his horse wrapper around his waist. Shit!!!. I’m in trouble.

We, the children, all know that the horse wrapper equals trouble. Terry robe means you’re safe.

“Young lady, where are you coming from”, he yells. “You work late everyday. Showing up by past 11 like you own this house!!!’.

The moon comes out and I can see he is holding a switch.
I almost want to laugh. Is he freaking serious?

“You may be 24 but since you want to act like a kid, I’ll treat you like one”.

The first lash eats into my skin. I go from amused, to surprised, to angry and then a dark rage takes over me. I want to hit him so bad. To gouge out his eyes and eat them. I want to…..

Lash after lash comes. I stumble away blindly. Pain and anger coursing through my skinny frame as he yells and wakes up the whole street. My tummy growls again.

I try to walk past him…
I need to get inside. He could whip me all he wanted, I just wanted some brea….

Fire hot pain tears through my body. But it isn’t from the whips anymore. My head feels like it has been cut off. I stop walking and keel over. Dad looks alarmed. Kneeling by my side he starts to ask what is the matter.

I want to answer him with, “Really? You just beat the shit outta me” but words can’t come out. A whimper escapes my lips.

The ripping sound from my skinny jean is loud. Anvils are being set in motion in my head. I scream and roll on the sandy floor for a couple of minutes as I feel agony in form of electrified lightening in my blood.
I hear cracking sounds coming from me and from the little I can see, my skin’s acting like a dried out pod.

Hair sprouts out of the black surface underneath my skin. My bones snap and re-snap simultaneously. I hear someone saying the hail Mary through the pain and want to scream at the voice to shut up.

And then there’s silence. Just how I like it. I straighten up and look around. I feel soo good……

A howl pierces the night.

I turn to look around and see dad cowering by the honda. Staring at me in disbelief, mumbling and pissing himself.

“Hail Mary full of grace!!”.

I grin as I advance on him.

Well, I am full of grace.


Hey, so I want to hear what you think of this little piece. Do comment!

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