Life goes on

Watching the tiny cockroach crawl out of the egg was amazing. I dabbed my eyes and blew my nose.

“Ohh the beauty of life”.This moment needed a theme song.

It struggled to get out and I wanted to help but I remembered the story of the dude that helped cut the butterfly free from its cocoon and ruined it. So I watched.
I waited.

It emerged little by little, moving its little cute head from side to side; struggling to find its mommy.

Little brownie looked at me like “Mamma?” And I thought, “Come to me little one”. It hurried out of its egg casing screaming, “MAMA!!!!”.

Running as fast as it could, it scuttled towards me, joy etched on its face. Just as it got a few feet from me…… I squashed it!

“Your father!”.


Hey, so I want to hear what you think of this little piece. Do comment!

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