March 18/19

Camp dear camp.

Camp dear camp.

Dear diary,
I am in Port Harcourt trying to get my NYSC certificate. I arrived at the secretariat and walked past the sleepy security guard and some lady eating agege bread and beans. The security guy called me back and asked where I was going. I almost told him I wanted to use the secretariat toilet. Turns out everyone has gone to camp.
In what nation does every1 leave an official building and wander off?
Ohh wait, lemmi tell you the answer.

So I had to call the lady with my certificate and she says its in camp with her .
*screams angrily into the pillow*
Now, I’m gonna get to camp tomorrow for my certificate. If you were in Nonwa gban Tai camp and you saw the roads leading there, you’d know why I’m furious. Besides, its a flipping waste of cash.
*strokes hard earned cash*.

Also, some silly man is asking for money for “drink” because he spoke to me about everyone going to camp. Somewhere in his mind, he helped me with the problem. I told him to chill, “I’m coming, lemmi buy the drink and bring for you”.

I just perfected my disappearing act.

Ok, the roads have been fixed(Foolish look on my face). I got my stuff within 10minutes of arriving in camp and was back in my house before 11:30. Nice.
I saw my LI(lecherous fool) and almost doubled back to run but alas he saw me first.

I ate the famous roasted Plantain and fish which is the only thing I love about ph. I finally realized that its not going out that fuels my creativity, its staying in a silent place that does. My mind clears itself of extraneous thoughts and the stories take off from there. I wish I could stay longer….for the sake of my blog; but I have to go back to Lagos and back to work.

Right now, I’m trying to write stuff for the office. I know I love my job and my colleagues but I don’t want to go to work…..
I miss u bloggy and all the quiet times that gave birth to you. We shall survive.
*Peace sign*


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