A Woman in love

This is a poem by my friend Nneamaka Igbonezim. I hope you like it.

These Feelings of passion,
Spurring me to action,
Taking me on a mission,
My first step in motion.

Pouring out my heart,
Hoping you would understand,
Let’s take it from the start,
So we can have a perfect stand.

Looking on to the future,
Believing we will nurture,
This passion till its mature,
Enough to withstand torture.

But knowing a man’s nature,
That he will always fall short,
Giving in to life’s pleasure,
To share it with some slut.

So I decide not to give all,
Knowing the news will come.
With pleadings first of all,
And I will succumb.

These and many more,
Preoccupy my thoughts,
As I, a woman in love,
Takes the first step with much guts.


Hey, so I want to hear what you think of this little piece. Do comment!

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