January 8 (5:10pm)

This new category “All in a days job” is just random stuff about my day. Kinda like a diary….don’t call it that though coz then it becomes a chore.

I’m watching the Soul train awards on BET and seriously….there’s no white face there (Some racist stuff #just saying#)
Elle Varner is performing her “refill” song. Gotta go…………
Good memories of sis and I singing it in high pitched voices.
*Runs off*

Same day(5:25)
Miguel comes out with his gay hair (again…just saying).
Did I miss Frank ocean or he hasn’t been called. *tears*
Also…..where’s Kenderick Lamar. I don’t care much for the black ladies.

(Some minutes to 6)
Who are all these people?
Don’t know them….
He sang in 1992?……no wonder I don’t know him.
*Stares unhappily at screen*
2 CHAINZ!!!!!!!!!!…….WHOOP WHOOP.
*Tv goes off*


2 thoughts on “January 8 (5:10pm)

  1. loool! errr white faces?!! its BET babes… Black Entertainment Television and yeeer, Miguel hair is flipping gay, + who on earth loves Kendrick Lamar??? I hate that guy and his songs and his videos and his style and his everything too #okbye!


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