As the year ends….

-I know somewhere in my heart that I will date obiora.

That line and the title of this post were written last year.
In fact, this whole post is a draft from last year.

I was hurting real bad then and couldn’t rant to express how I felt. I didn’t want to be one of those people who write down all their feelings on their blog(or am I?). I had a terrible case of blogger’s block and while thinking of what to write, I typed that (the dating Obiora thingy)subconsciously. I had laughed and closed the post when I discovered what I had written. For those of you who don’t know obiora, he’s my best friend (Read about Obiora).

Anyway, I forgot about the post till I opened my draft box this year and saw it. When I started this post, I never saw myself dating Obiora. In fact, I had never considered dating him, NEVER EVER (That’s a lie)…….
Not because he isn’t fine(He is freaking fine), not because he isn’t smart (he is); in fact i guess I just never let the thought linger.


It’s been a month and a week since I started and finally completed this post and ……..
I’m dating Obiora.
(Blessing you can stop screaming now. You too Funmi, and all the Mass Communication girls that told me it was a matter of time before Obiora and I started dating).

I’m not going to rant about how happy I am, I won’t say how good I feel when I’m with him, I won’t talk about how its so easy to talk to him.
See, I don’t want to jinx this relationship…..

For the first time in my life, I stopped searching for ambition and passion in a guy. I realized that all I really really really want is wonderful communication and a friend(and passion and ambition too *grin*).

I never saw obiora as ambitious. He wasn’t a mediocre person either, but I wanted someone who was all talk and bravado.

All that has changed as I’ve watched Obiora over the past four months. His dreams and goals have changed and grown like I could never imagine.

Over this past year, I’ve realized that we are the ones that motivate our partners/friends to grow. The same way I’d want any boyfriend of mine to push me to stardom, that’s the same way I should motivate Obiora or any other person I date after him (if I date anyone after him) to grow.

I just want everyone to know that emotions and life in general can change in a split second. Think of what’s important to you in a relationship and find a guy/girl with whom you’re most comfortable with.
Don’t judge him/her based on what they are right now. All that can change.

If you’ve always dated the same kind of boy and it hasn’t worked, try some other kind of guy. Stop focusing on looks or wealth or other irrelevant things. Find your love.

Thank you for always believing in me and never bringing me down. Thank you for listening to me, for being a friend and for being my love. Thank you for being the best.

-I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.
(Stolen from uncle’s note to his girlfriend).

P.s. Happy new year to everyone(sorry its late). I promise to write more this year. More of the hilarious, drunk talk stuff, less of the mushy stuff. Moving on……………….


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