Just saying….

It’s true what they say……
As every girl grows up, she modifies her mental image of her dream guy.
At 15 she wants a cute guy. At 24, a responsible guy. At 40….well, she wants any guy.

I’ve done my own share of modification and I’ve realized it’s not how cute, or how smart he is that matters. What matters the most is how you guys communicate.
Finding a guy that makes you weak in the knees and makes your friends look on in envy is fine…….
Finding a guy with whom there is mutual respect, understanding and communication…..
Well, that’s the best.

I dream that I’ll find someone with whom I can share my fears, my dreams, my hopes.
Responsible, hard-working, ambitious, always motivating us to be better.
Someone who I’ll understand.
Someone with whom I can laugh with and cry with.
Someone who will be a brother and a friend first, before I can call him a lover.
This is my mental image….
All I want.
Hopefully, when I find him, I pray I’ll be all these for him too.


Hey, so I want to hear what you think of this little piece. Do comment!

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