Yours sincerly……..MUSIC’S #1 FAN

There are music listeners and MUSIC LISTENERS. Anyone can say……I love music……. listening to music is my hobby.
I usually roll my eyes when they say this.
Seriously what do they know about music?.

Is music your life? Does it keep you in one piece during a heartbreak? Does it soothe you when you’re angry?. Has it helped you ace exams? Does it inspire you? If you can’t answer YES to even one of these questions…..then DON’T ever say you love music.

Love is such a strong word and to use it in such a flippant way…..and about music, that’s a crime!

Its not about the lyrics. Its not always about the beat. Its about the awakening I feel inside when music starts playing.

People don’t understand us, they don’t understand how I feel about music,its my wonderland, my fairy godmother, my saviour……
The way I feel when I hear it…….
I can’t describe.
I feel like I can live for eons.
I play it so loud that people at the end of the street can hear it. They’re like “babe, your music’s too loud”, I stare at them for seconds pretending I can’t hear them while I think to myself……
“Why can I still hear people talking”
*Trying to increase music player’s volume*.

Music is life. Death.
It will keep me and several million people who really understand and see what I see sane till the world ends.
Music changes, corrupts, cleanses and illuminates……..

But most of all……..
*Drops mic and walks off stage*


One thought on “Yours sincerly……..MUSIC’S #1 FAN

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