So this morning I manage to wake up early. Its raining heavily and my uncle who I’m staying with can’t leave for work. We start talking and he says he wants to make souvenirs for his brothers wedding. He asks, Which is better? Glass plates or handkerchiefs?
I want to flog him when he mentions he wants to give hankies as souvenirs.

The discussion slowly shifts to when he intends to get married and he says next year. Apparently, he has three girls he likes well enough to get married to
I have met the three of them and one is a family friend.

He starts talking about how he doesn’t know who to pick and my eyebrows go up in annoyance.
What does he mean by he doesn’t know who he wants marry? It’s october already and next year is when he’s supposed to get married.

After some ten minutes of ranting about each of the girls he asks:
“Which one do you think I should settle down with?”.
I was hopping mad by that time and I shuddered to think that the fate of those three girls lay in my hands. It felt sad to think that at the end of the conversation two of those girls would be out of the picture.

I brushed the thought aside and while I felt sorry for the other two, I went ahead and knocked them out of the picture. The girl I picked for him is Igbo and her name is Jessica. She is very pretty, too pretty for my uncle. She isn’t materialistic and is very nice.
Now am not saying the other two are not wonderful people but I want a patient person for him. He talks too much and it could drive anyone mad.

He nods, ooohh’s and ahhhh’s as I point out how good she is. He agrees with me and says he thinks he’ll settle down with her. He thinks?……mshewwwwww.
By this time, the rain has stopped and he goes off to work.

After I’ve cleaned the house and had my breakfast, I take some time to think.
Is this how our boyfriends pick us for marriage? They ask their snotty loud mouthed nieces to choose for them?
Or better still they write all our names on different pieces of paper, shuffle them and get their security staff to pick one of the pieces?

I pray that when its my turn my boyfriend’s little sis considers me the right choice.
On that note, I shall buy her two packets of chocolate and three dolls when next I go to visit.
Bribery is the way forward…..for now.


4 thoughts on “I CHOOSE, YOU LOSE!

  1. Go girl! You just have a way of making me laugh my heart out. I really pray he doesn’t get to ask his snotty loud mouthed niece to choose wen its my turn!


  2. Hello there, just became alerted to your blog through Google, and found that it’s very informative. I will appreciate if you continue this in future. Lots of people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!


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