……….My mind can’t process the fact that there’s no flaw. The only logical thing to do is create a new excuse not to date him(yeahhh…I know, my issues are pretty bad). Now, before you see my drummed up “excuse” for him, you have to look at the other excuses for not dating some dudes.

1. AMBITION IS THE NEW SEXY…or has always been to me.
Some guys don’t understand that chicks are not drawn to lazy drones. I don’t think its bad to go out with a guy who is not financially buoyant as long as he is ambitious, he has dreams and he is hard working.
it is stupid to date someone who doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life – No matter how rich he is(sorry!, how rich his father is).
This is a reasonably excuse, isn’t it?

Yeah, you fascinate me now, but will you in the next 3weeks?
WILL YOU? Huhnn…I thought so!
*Turns off light switch and leaves you in the dark*

Love is true and clear and shiny…bla bla. Its also logical and there’s some business to it sometimes.
He should make future plans and we should build security, trust and more love, its not all sex and mushy ish(ok…sometimes it is).
*Looks round and sees people that agree with me*
* Grins*
Hey you! You can’t play the love -business game? Well, get off my ledge! You must think you’re romeo!
*Pushes you*
Romantic idiot!
(Shouts after falling man) Being romantic is not bad but you should build your relationship and stop wanting to be a bachelor forever!!!

4. OHH YOU fANCY HUHN? (In gangsta’s voice)
Here, the boy feels he’s perfect. He never apologizes, never breaks a nail,never feels he is wrong.
Yes, he seems awesome now, but will he still be that when he starts being condescending.
ME TO HIM: I WILL BEAT YOU WITH A PESTLE!!! (In sheniqua’s voice).

Being perfect is great, being perfect and arrogant about it is wrong.
We all make mistakes and we are human. I’m guessing that’s why this quote(To err is human to forgive is divine) became popular.
If this quote does not explain what I’m trying to say……go suck a lime! I just had to quote something!

Now, that’s that for my former categories. This is the latest one made specially for him whom shall not be named.

5. LOVE IS AN OCEAN (that kills you at the end).
This is for him because I don’t know what I’m doing when I’m with him. Talking for ten hours seems like 10 minutes (we thank the gods for MTN bonus credit). He is perfect and knowledgeable and I’m terrified!.
Its like he stepped out of a mills and boon novel! He’s everything I’ve wanted.
He is the kind of guy that when the relationship ends, the chick pops one too many pills(emphasis on the pill popping).
He is too good to be true and believe me when I say that, I’ve never said that about anyone.
*Sees angel staring at me*
OKAY! that’s another lie…I have!

For this fact alone, I run!…..nay…. FLEE!
*Packs suitcase and leaves no forwarding address, changes phone number*
I shall not be dragged into love.
Say what you want but I treasure my sanity and life…….why do you think I have commitment issues? To make love doctors/shrinks richer?

Extreme side note: I’m terrified that I’ll stop being logical once I fall in love(sad smiley). Its a beautiful feeling. I’m just scared of getting hurt. Emotional people like me feel hurt and pain more than others do.
*Brave facade disappears. Breaks down in tears*

i'm too young to die

i’m too young to die



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