NYSC BLUES(this is not a post…its just me being excited today is my passing out parade day)

ATTENTION: This is not an official post, least you feel I’ve cracked.

Today is the official passing out parade day for the 2011/2012 nysc “batch c”.
(Say that slowly as you read. Its quite a mouthful)
I felt it was my right to re-use my NYSC BLUES title which I graciously borrowed from my former blog on blogger. Tears flow freely at the thought that I couldn’t finish that series. If you served in the village with no inspiration……you’d know how the environs leaves you feeling like an olodo(illiterate).

That aside, I’m almost ready for the pop……..ok that’s a lie. I’m sitting on my bed, trying to stay awake. This year was awesome! I had so many new experiences.

I slept in a dorm for the first time in my life. I ate free food till I almost dropped dead. I fainted. I fell in love. I had an accident. I SURVIVED….Praise Jesus…..(you guys shout Hallelujah).
I had my bath with stream water. I overcame my fear of teaching. I flogged some girl like I was her mum(evil grin….I think I’ve done that flogging part before. My memory is foggy but I shall ask my sis).

I wrote a professional exam(and yes I passed). I had my first job interview(which went fine, except for the part where I was asked about business). I hitched rides from strangers a couple of times.
I shuttled from one state to the other almost every week(not for aristo purposes ohhh!…I was just bored). I stayed over at a relatives house(my mum freaks out at the thought of that). Bla bla bla…………..

So much happened this year. The year officially ended yesterday and the highlight was that I listened to a song by Tonto dike. I count that as a first….and a LAST(for her song that is). So now you guys reading, if you know the song “say/get hi” by tonto, replace her words with these:

Its valerieeeee baby…
(Yoruba phrase x4)
Wantaramera……(Mumbles rubbish)
Wantaramera…(Mumbles more rubbish)
All I want is p.o.p
Put my hands in the sky,
When you see me marching by,
Don’t be shy to say BYE,BYE,ByE!!!

*The End*


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