My commitment issues have caused me great pain.
(OMG…I’ve added lying to my vices, okay that’s a lie!)
Sometimes I think this “commitment issue” thingy is really just some excuse I drum up for not wanting to date or be with certain dudes.
Well, I really don’t care. I shall label it “Commitment issues” so it sounds more serious……like some kind of psychological ish. People get interested in stuff like that.

On second thoughts, maybe I do have commitment issues and I’m in denial. What kind of sane human always has an excuse not to date someone?
Maybe its me……or maybe its them. I dunno who has the real problem.
Ok!, It’s definately not me!

Now don’t think I’m a cold witch incapable of loving anyone. I met someone awesome on my birthday(October 11th).
*Hears gasps from readers*

Ok! Stop gasping like a fish out of water, shut up and listen! This is a summary of the story:
We both got in the same bus when we were going for our final nysc clearance.
He said hi, we talked (In a best friend kind of way).
I spent my birthday with him.
Not in his arms, you pervs!
We spent the day eating bole(roasted plantain) and fish, watching movies and talking.
If you have started laughing because I chose to eat bole on my birthday, you might get slapped right now. When the pain subsides, you WILL tell me the difference between that and chinese food.(Materialistic cow!)

Anyways, we’ve been talking a whole lot since then and now i, i….i…..i think I’m in love with him.
*wipes sweat with sleeves and gulps water*.
If you think its too fast a period to fall in love, cast the first stone.
*Hands stone to you, holds another one and looks at you with narrowed eyes*

I’m terrified for myself and this is because he seems perfect. How does someone get perfect?!
Right now guys reading this will hiss and say:
“She’s found a good man and she’s complaining…WTF does she want?!”
The chicks will say:
“There’s no such thing as the perfect guy. He’s a player”.
Folks with commitment issues will just say:
“He’s perfect. Drop him!”

My mind can’t process the fact that there’s no flaw. The only logical thing to do is create a new excuse not to date him……….
**To be continued**



  1. I i never thought about the subject in the way you do, this gives it all a new viewpoint that makes one wonder if there are more between heaven as well as earth that one would believe, thanks for the input and keep all of them comming, I will view and read every time for sure!


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