50 Shades of fear

The power supply just went out and I’m staring into the inky blackness that is my room. An owl hoots outside my window and my skin erupts in goose pimples.
I hear owls are a sign of death, I do not know if this is true and do not care to find out.

I cannot sleep and the darkness terrifies me. I decide to read till dawn rather than sleep.
I switch on my kindle. After two pages I decide that reading the final chapters of the fourth book in the vampire diaries series at two o’clock in the night is not much fun.
The once “unscary” pages are suddenly filled with blood and fangs. I abandon the story and leave the device on as a source of light.

I am soo sleepy but I’m afraid of closing my eyes….. of seeing him.
Yawning and rubbing my eyes I turn to the right corner of my room. Green eyes glare back at me.
My brain freezes as I turn the reader towards the eyes. I heave a sigh of relief as I realize its just a bit of my shirt that glows in the dark.
I blink severally hoping this will keep me awake. Leaning against the cold wall I close my eyes to stop them from hurting.

Suddenly a sickening smell hits me. Its a disgusting mix of grass and rotting flesh. It dawns on me that I am asleep! I try to wake up but I know it won’t work. I know he will soon arrive.

The nightmares had started last week after I had almost hit a man with my car on my way back from work. I knew it was my fault for almost hitting him as I was driving drunk. I didn’t care as I rained insults at him. Revving my car engine, I purposely drove into a large muddy puddle and left him with large stains on his white shirt.

Every night after that day scenes from my dreams had morphed into a forest setting. I would be walking on a bush path and would see him walking behind me, blood dripping from his mouth.
The first day he had been far from me, I hardly recognized him and I dismissed the dream as an alcohol induced one. By the third day I had the same dream I started dreading nighttime.

The same scene repeated itself everyday, the only difference being that he got closer to me everyday. Last night he had been a few feet behind me when I had been woken by blaring music. For the first time in my life I was grateful to my teenage neighbour for his loud music.

This night I look back and as usual I see him in the distance. The birds go quiet. The air around me ripples with dark demonic energy. I don’t know how I know this, I just know.

I try running but cant move faster. I turn again and he is a stone’s throw from me. Blood dripping from his mouth, he grins at me in an obscene way.
I scream but can hear no sound. I look around and hundreds of eyes have appeared in the bushes….green glazed eyes. I turn again and see him mouth some words. He makes a slicing gesture across his neck. At that point, he could have reached out and touched me if he wanted. I have never been a spiritual person but I try to pray.

I hear a hiss and when I look ahead, a huge python blocks the path. I cannot walk further or turn back. I feel his breath on my neck and I turn. I’d rather die facing him than with my back turned.
As I turn, his reaches out with a bony long hand and strokes my face. His fingers are claw-like and maggots crawl out of his now visible phalanges.
I try to scream and plead with him but I can’t hear my voice. He puckers his lip and moves towards my lips. Worms fall out of his mouth. He reaches out and puts another hand on my shoulder. I scream!

I sit upright in bed, sweating profusely. Daylight streams in from my window and I hear my maid singing a song in pidgin english. I feel a burning sensation on my shoulder and face. Pulling back my boyfriend’s shirt, I gawk in amazement at a palm print, bony and claw-like like in the dream. I race to my bathroom mirror and see my face and shoulder have been branded with palm prints. It hurts like hell.

I have my bath, sobbing as I do that. I decide I need to find a solution to this problem today. If it means consulting a voodoo priest, I will do that.

My doorbell rings during breakfast and I yell for my maid to get the door.
After 10 seconds It rings again; once, twice, thrice.
Hissing in anger I take slow strides to the door. My shoulder and face ache and I am sure with my swollen eyes I look like hell. I don’t think I am ready for any visitor. I open the door and see a man with his back turned to me.
“Yes?”, I say.
He turns round and smiles a chilling smile. The blood and the maggots are gone but its the same person. He puts his hand on my shoulder at the exact same spot which he had in the dream and he asks.
“Can I come in?”.


Hey, so I want to hear what you think of this little piece. Do comment!

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