“My other half”

(Titanic theme song playing)…You know how it feels when you find that special person that you can share your life with….
Who you can tell all your hopes and dreams, who can tell when you’re down, who….(song scratching) , tells you how horrible your most expensive dress looks (#getting angry#), who makes you spend your money even when you want to be stingy…WHO ANNOYS THE FLIPPING HELL OUT OF YOU
(little children in the park looking at me in horror cuz I’m typing madly).

#calming down#..ok…am okay..
#breathing in…out…in,out#. INTRODUCING…#drumrolls#..,my BESTFRIEND! OBIORA.
He’s the yin to my yang.
He’s costello…I’m abbott(huge grin).

I love him soooooo much (for about 20hours in a day).
I also hate him (the remaining 4 hours when he’s done or said some unspeakable thing).
Is it possible to love and hate a person?…..
He makes me smile even when I don’t want to.
He gets my stupid jokes and brings up more silly jokes.
We could be having a totally important conversation about the world’s financial market and suddenly delve into what some cartoon character did on a show yesterday.

This is a semi-serious conversation between us:

ME: Obi help!. I’m at a loss on what to write about this week.
OBI: ok…lemmi think.
Hmmm…..Something crazy just happened this morning….I sat in the same bus in the same exact seating position that I sat yesterday on my way to the same place. Interesting right?
You should probably post a blog bout it(large smile smiley)

I laugh, roll my eyes and tell him that is the most hilariously foolish idea I’ve heard in a while (hmmmm…. just might use that as my next post).
I also proceed to tell him for the umpteenth time that its a post am writing..not a blog(he still doesn’t understand blog terms). He gets confused and tells me to get out(LOL).

He’s my brother, my twin not my senior brother. He allows me pull his hair and he gives me piggy back rides. I would give him piggy back rides too but I’m so tiny (my excuse).
He’s the stuff Igbo boys are made of….he’s money conscious (another word for stingy), nice, homely….bla bla bla.
He is very principled especially when it comes to ladies (Now “marriage auctioning” him …highest bidder takes him!!!!)
I respect him so much for this.

Obiora and I are two jolly, bad mouthed folks.
Someone who doesn’t know this about us and walks in on one of our “yab-athons”(competition to see who yabs the other more) will think we hate ourselves or the person we’re gossiping about(we probably do).
He has a crazy sense of humour.
He’s talented…the “artistic”type. He’s highly creative. He likes everything I like (most of the time).
We squabble like siblings about the most stupid things and continue talking as if we didn’t just threaten to kill ourselves.

No one knows me as much as him. There are no walls between us….just two kids telling all their secrets, crying….sharing.
We might not talk for weeks but immediately we get together, its like we never stopped our last conversation.
He can predict my answer/reply before I give it. He helps me and teaches me(I teach him too!).

Sometimes I wish i could marry him but then we would probably knife ourselves in an argument about how many fiddlers were on the titanic.
Plus we just don’t feel that way about ourselves.
We’d rather watch cartoons than consummate the marriage because we’d be like
“Do you?….EWWWWW!!!!!!!”

I’ve met so many people but no one like him. If this were a love story, the perfect sentence to end this with would be….
He completes me.
I love you obi.

P.S…the only thing the stupid boy will pick from this post is that am in love with him. He will now proceed to harass me for days on end.

P.s again:: Emmm…Tari,dotun, eniola, lana, konko,yvonne, imim and oghale…you guys are my second bestest buddies (don’t cry okay)


who has seen this boy

who has seen this boy


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