Today is christmas sunday and the church looks stunning. The choir has decided to hold their annual christmas concert today.
Tears gather in my eyes as the beautiful carols are being sung. I wish every sunday could be like this.

After about an hour of singing and presentations by some artists. The pastor takes the stage and gives his sermon. He ends it with an altar call.
“Give your life to christ, salvation is free”, he says.
Hundreds of people pour out, it seems like the whole church is going to the altar.
I feel an urge in my spirit to stand up…I actually stand up, then I sit back down.
“I’ll do this next week”, I say to myself. I hear a voice telling me to go out but I ignore it.

The service ends in some minutes and everyone makes a run for the car park. The earlier you leave, the faster you beat the traffic that will result from the members going home.
I look around for my boyfriend Lamide. WHERE IS HE?!!!
We are packed at the V.I.P section. This is where the pastors’ cars are packed. His father is a pastor and he sometimes “borrows” his father’s parking space when dad is out of town.

I crane my neck to check the crowd for him and I see him talking to Pastor Bamboye. He waves at me. I blow a kiss back.

Suddenly, In the of the chaos that is church members talking and shouting MERRY CHRISTMAS to themselves, I hear a loud screech of tires.
A dirty nissan bluebird starts driving at breakneck speed towards the center of the car park.
Another car, also of the same make, but red in colour drives in my direction which is to the north of the park.

Nobody seems to pay attention to the cars. They both stop at the same time as if programmed to do so. Suddenly I hear the driver of the car shout something in arabic and in an instant I know what is happening.
I turn and start running but its too late…….

I fall to the ground engulfed in smoke and burning metal. I feel an intense pain in my shoulder and my leg. All around me I hear moans and gasps. Someone is screaming the name of JESUS.
I try to move but I can’t. I look at my leg and half of it is gone. I try crawling….in any direction. I do not know where I’m going because of the smoke.

Suddenly there is another explosion from the car in front of me. Shards of glass and shrapnel fall around me. I see a red river streaming down my eyes.
Then there’s silence……… The sounds of people crying and groaning stops.
In the midst of the smoke, white clad figures appear. Rays of light stream from their bodies. A sudden awareness dawns on me that they are angels.

They take hold the hands of many people on the ground and ascend with them. Its beautiful…so many figures in white. Its almost like I’m in the midst of clouds. After some seconds, the rays of light stop. The angels are gone!
I’m still lying on the floor. I try to stand up but I can’t.

Suddenly, I hear a loud, maniacal laughter. It chills me to my bones. The cars, smoke and scenery disappears.
The smell of sulphur and burning flesh creeps into my nostrils. Tears fall from my eyes. I know what my fate is and I close my eyes as I get pulled into the burning darkness. God help me!


Hey, so I want to hear what you think of this little piece. Do comment!

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