“You do know that i made these myself”, Obike said. He was referring to a pair of the most fantastic looking slippers i had seen in a while.PICTURE OF SLIPPERS

    “You drew the designs with your hand?”, Deola asks as she runs her hands over the intricately designed skull with a sword sticking out of his eye. Obike smiles at her and holds out the other leg of the slipper to her as he nods.
“The designs are elevated, did you use coloured glue for this?”. I ask.
“Nope, its called 3D ink”, he replies.
Deola tries on one leg of the slippers and  rushes to her bag. Bringing out her ATM card she tells Obike to keep the slippers in his room. She is about to rush to the ATM machine to get some money for one pair.
The door slams open and Obike’s flatmate Bosun walks in. His hands are filled with neatly packaged T-shirts. Deola rushes to hug him. They have dated since anybody can remember and she had dragged me to see him. He had called to say he would be running late and we were to wait with his new flatmate Obike till he came back.
“Hello baby”, Deola screams as she lunges at Bosun and kisses him. The shirts fall from his hand and i rush to help them pick the shirts. One of them falls out of the pack and i stare at it. Its the same crazy workmanship from the slippers but its done on shirts. I turn the shirt inside out and see no residue from the work done in front.
“Ok, I didnt want to get anything cuz am saving my money to make my hair, but i need to have one of these shirts. Can you throw in an extra one for me as a friend of the family?”. I ask shamelessly. My eyes plead with him to give me a free shirt.
Deola cuts in, ” If you do that i will get a free pair of slippers too”.
” Hmm…., when you guys buy up to two u can get one free”.
Deola and i exchange glances. If only he knew how broke we were he wouldn’t talk about buying extra. I would make do with the one i would buy and maybe when the next allowee was paid i would clear my account and rush here from the bank.
After paying for the ones we wanted i decided to show SOME to you:
If you interested in getting these items for individual use or retail, call this number: 07067790610. Ask for valery and explain what you want to buy. Obike also customizes stuff (shoes, Shirts, walls) and does deliveries. Thank You for patronizing him. 


Hey, so I want to hear what you think of this little piece. Do comment!

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