Everyday I see pics of girls all dressed up and looking fab. They don these outfits,accessories and finish the look with crazy heels. Now,I’m not a dressy person and my idea of a mind blowing outfit is a pair of stone washed extrrreEemely tight skinny jean trousers, a plain black top, head scarf, crazy hoops…..lately huge sun shades have been added to the mix,Gothic makeup and SANDALS. #emphasis on the sandals#.
Now, I adore sandals and have them in every color and material and if people were to renounce their love for sandals or get murdered,I would be the first to be guillotined. I pass by some of these dressed up chicks and can’t help but feel like something is missing from my outfit. *light bulb comes on in my head*. I suddenly realize its the heels.
For several years,I have tried to ignore the fact that at a point in my life I would have to start wearing heels to appear smarter and look a little chic. Well, I’m at that point in my life. #sigh#. It just won’t do to show up at a wedding in flats or sandals. The other day I went for a job interview in heels and during my wait for the interviewer, I actually kicked off the heels in the reception. (Hey, my feet needed some air and I promise u dat my feet do not smell…evil smile). Wearing them alone was horrible, talk less of walking in them. #tears pouring as I remember that day#.
Well, guys do not care if the heels hurt or not. They certainly do not care if you can’t wear heels and do a strip dance for them on the wedding night. So for once in my life,I’ll do some thing for someone else. Guys,this one is for you. Starting october 2012, I shall get at least two pairs of heels every month, wear heels to church…and on the streets…and in the shower. I shall also go for events,weddings and to the cinema wearing heels and short gowns. So help me God not to develop additional yammy legs or trip and fall cos I know the laughter will be unforgettable. In the words of barney from how I met ur mother….the laughter will be WAIT FOR IT….legendary!.

Hey, so I want to hear what you think of this little piece. Do comment!

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