Drake’ session: /drekzesion/ nig english: slang meaning an acute obsession with Drake. It encompasses everything drake; his voice, songs, name, hair…………i could go on and on!
I’d have to admit that when i heard “Best you ever had”- his breakthrough single, i just said one word-CRAP!. I did a major rant about how there were a million and one artists looking to make it and how this one would flop. Plus i had a major dislike for the video although I did notice that he had a cute complexion.

No notice was taken of him till i saw “Money to blow” video on Bolade’s I Touch…………..

I stared and begged to watch the video 4 times before i unwillingly handed the itouch back to B. I was in love! His voice, his not gangsta but still hood way of rapping was AWESOME!. Fast forward 2/3 years later and am his number one fan. You know those chicks that faint at concerts and go into life threatening comas after meeting their Idols?. That girl is me. Ahem (coughs)….can i ask our music concert promoters when Drake is coming to Nigeria?.

I have never been a concert person but if i had a major surgery and i heard over the radio that drake was showing up in Nigeria, i would pull out my tubes and hobble towards the airport to whatever city he’s showing up in.

For weeks i have been having this dream which never quite ends but it did last night. As i dream day after day, a scene or two mixes with another dream (a character or two say hi to the ones from the present dream) or it comes as a full dream. Yesterday, i had the full dream, complete with subtexts, end credits and shot in HD!.

I’m walking down my secondary school walkway, and i see a crowd near the hostel. I walk ahead and see a guy with his back turned to me. He is singing some song which i can still hum when i wake up. I’m about to walk away because I’m not a groupie and suddenly he turns and its drake. The song suddenly changes and he sings the line **** that nigga that you love so much… (Marvin’s room, 2011). I realize its drake and my tummy clenches. My hair stands on end and i can’t move. He comes down from the mini stage and holds my hand. I can’t feel my legs at this point in my dream. The dream goes on with him singing and me crying huge tears of joy. He stretches his hand in the air and a small case appears in his hand. He brings out a ring and i scream yes before he asks. The next scene has us seating in his private plane (imagine the girl in T.I’s whatever you like, but put me in her place).

I wake up, grab my devotional and Bible and do a one hour morning devotion (haven’t done this in 4months). My prayer point for the day is for my dream to come true. Can i ask Rhythm Unplugged (annual concert) why Drake has not come to Nigeria? #Huffs#, If you want something done, its best you do it yourself!. Well i guess I’d have to start writing fan mail and begging him through YouTube videos to come here. Ellen might just watch one of the videos and send drake over. 

P.S. All drake fans in Nigeria please contact me for a peaceful match along third mainland bridge. Bring posters with: WE WANT DRAKE! and any other creative thing you can come up with. Thank you. My number is 080700DRAKE.

Hey, so I want to hear what you think of this little piece. Do comment!

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