Last night we raced out of shade’s house by 10:30 which is even earlier than usual, but we all had to go to work the next day so there would be no late night movement for us. We hailed a cab going to kpansia which was were Kachi and deola lived and where i was staying till my apartment got fumigated.
P.s. Its not my fault that bugs got in, ask anyone that knows me,i am a “neatie two shoes”. I blame my neighbour who thinks the world is his dumping ground, he should have been created a cockroach/rat plus he kinda has the physical attributes of a rat .
The journey was boring as cab journeys ought to be except for the guy who gave me his number and told me to call him, my alter ego wanted to push him out of the car, but then again i just might call him – he’s cute in that kind of arrogant way that attracts me. Anyways, we got to our stop and the cab driver parked-in an illegal parking spot as Nigerian drivers are wont to do. Deola, Kachi and i climbed out and were about to cross the road when to our consternation, a mobile police truck pulled over and told the taxi driver not to move or he’ll get shot. They jumped out of their truck and surrounded the cab, all the while asking the driver why he had parked there.
Kachi and i ran across the road not caring about oncoming traffic. At that point all we cared about was the fact that we would be arrested for being in the cab and telling the driver to stop us at an illegal parking spot (at this point, i confess that it was we who told the cab driver to stop at that spot). We stood on the other side of the road sweating profusely and swearing we would never go anywhere at night again. It took some seconds to realise that Deola was not with us. We looked back at the taxi and saw her,the driver, Mr. arrogant guy and the last passenger kneeling by the side of the road. The two of us stared across the road at Deola who was looking on in shock.
“GBOSA!!!”, the mobile police guy had just batoned (process of hitting another person with a baton) the driver and was now slapping Mr arrogant who was trying to act like he had rights.
“Kachi, this fool doesn’t realize he is not in jand (the UK)”, I said as we stared at the unfolding drama helplessly. We watched as Deola slowly inched towards a large gutter by the side of the road. In the blink of an eye, she had dived into the gutter. The mobile police men did not even notice that one person had “escaped” from the lot on the ground, they were highly incensed by Mr Arrogant’s pleas for his lawyer and one phone call.
We waited for what seemed like an eternity before we saw Deola emerge from the gutter almost 100 miles (just exaggerating) from the taxi and the police men. She ran across the road and traipsed towards us, looking very old and tired (let’s not forget scruffy). She dripped dirty water and  had some hair dangling from her jean pocket and she refused to talk to us.
We all looked across the road and saw the driver and passengers being pushed into the car along with a police guard who would take them to the police station for more beating and possibly some payment before they would be released. At this point, we all turned and walked home in silence, thanking God in our hearts that we were well and safe, even if one of us smelt like she worked with a waste disposal truck.

Hey, so I want to hear what you think of this little piece. Do comment!

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